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Extracurricular activities 

Extracurricular activities are crucial in a child's emotional and social development. Especially for home schooled students, extracurricular endeavours provide an opportunity to interact and socialise with their peers. Whether your child has an artistic flair, a sporting talent or a curiosity to try something different - there really are so many options to explore and choose from.  We hope to provide some direction on where to start, as well as some new and exciting opportunities out there! 

Where to start...

  • Websites such as Kidsorted provide guidance on extracurricular activities in your local area. They also showcase extra workshops and holiday camps available during the school holidays, so keep an eye out for these. They offer information on a wide range of activities, from sports and coding, to performing arts and language classes.

  • Apps such as Hoop offer the same service - a quick and easy way to find out about classes and activities in your local area.

  • Parents' forums such as Mumsnet and Facebook Parents' groups allow you to receive personal recommendations from other parents. It can also be a good way to meet new children and families in the area! 

  • Word of mouth 

For families based in London, we have compiled a list of suggestions for extracurricular activities. 

Focusing at Work

CoderDojo, Firetech and Cypher all offer after school classes and holiday camps for students interested in computer programming and coding. 

Performing Arts

For children with an interest in performing and in theatre, Stagecoach is a great choice. The classes are open to a mixed age and ability. Alternatively, Almeida Academy would be a good option for students who are aiming to pursue a career in theatre. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 17.14.49.png

Learning another language is such a valuable skill for children. Language classes offer a fun and interactive way to do this. Club Petit Pierrot is great for fun French classes for children. To learn Spanish, take a look at classes at El Recreo.

Swimming Pool

There are so many options for sports activities. Team sports, in particular, will encourage your child meet other children with similar interests. Local swimming, football, tennis clubs and dance schools, represent a good starting point. Alternative options include parkourfencing and taekwondo classes. 

Girl with Gingerbread Man

The Avenue Cookery School offer a variety of kids cooking and baking classes, where they will learn new skills and easy recipes. Kids en cuisine also provides a wide variety of workshops and activities for children up to aged 10.

Piano Lesson

For budding musicians, many students will have 1:1 lessons with a private teacher. Group classes and music schools, such as North London Music School and The Band Project are great opportunities to meet like-minded children and have fun!

Please get in touch here if you would like any further advice or recommendations finding extracurricular activities. It constitutes an important part of their experience as a homeschool student and we would be happy to discuss your personal requirements in detail. 
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