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Flexi-schooling is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It is an arrangement between a family and school where a child is registered at a school but attends only on a part time basis. The rest of the time, the child is home educated.


 Parents may want to arrange flexi-schooling for their children if:

  • They experience long term sickness

  • They want to study subjects beyond the school's curriculum

  • They have social anxiety or refuse to attend school

  • A staged return to school is required after a period of absence

The Local Authority and school review each case individually and are only likely to agree to such arrangements if it is clearly in the child’s best interests.

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  • Students can balance home and school education
  • Students have access to more resources through school
  • Local Authorities may assign a personal budget to fund professional home schooling (part time), if the child has special educational needs
  • Students have more time to pursue extracurricular activities, such as sports, art or music
  • Parents can support their children to re-enter school in a staged way
  • Many schools do not offer flexible arrangements
  • Missing lessons at school can lead to children falling behind. Students need to be adequately supported by their teachers, parents and school, for the arrangement to be successful
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