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Professional home schooling

Professional home schooling, where lessons are delivered by qualified teachers in a home classroom, has redefined the purpose of education. In addition to academic subjects, students learn valuable workplace skills such as innovation, problem-solving and entrepreneurship.


For children with a passion for music, sports or drama, flexible timetables enable full participation. Home schooling realises the efficiency and flexibility children need to fully pursue their endeavours without compromising their education.


Once considered a less academic alternative to mainstream education, home schooling is now considered a way to achieve the top academic grades, learn beyond the curriculum and nurture individual talents.

The Golden Circle is the UK's first professional home school group. Follow the link below to read their prospectus.

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  • Lessons are delivered by trusted and qualified teachers
  • Students are challenged academically. For higher ability students, teachers can teach beyond the curriculum
  • Qualified teachers use age-appropriate teaching methods, lesson resources and a range of Assessment for Learning strategies to check progress
  • Students with special educational needs are well supported
  • Students are well-prepared for public exams, including GCSE and A level exams
  • Parents are sent regular updates on their child's progress 
  • Professional home schooling is a significant financial investment at c. £35,000 per year. Costs can be reduced if siblings are taught in pairs
  • Children have fewer opportunities to meet their friends. Developing a balanced extracurricular schedule gives them more chances to meet children their age
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