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Lesson resources 

In preparation for lessons in the home classroom, we have put together a recommended resource list to get you started. As you progress through your studies, you will discover new resources, as well as working out which you prefer. However, this list represents a good starting point. 

Subject resources: 

  • CGP offer extensive lesson resources for all year groups, examinations and subjects. You can buy their workbooks, revision guides and practice questions online. 

  • Platforms such as Hamilton, Seneca and Doddle, all provide online lesson resources, worksheets and revision tools.

  • For GCSE and A Level students, we recommend to have a copy of each exam specifications at the front of your subject folder. This will ensure that you are on track and covering the assessed material.  

  • Textbooks

General resources include:

  • Pencil, paper, rules

  • Scientific calculator

  • Lined paper

  • Graph paper

  • File per subject 

  • Hole punch and stapler

  • Whiteboard and pens 

  • Printer 

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