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Redefining the purpose of education and

                           inspiring the next generation to think big!

We make it happen
We are a community of home educators. We provide home school families with opportunities to network, share experiences, and give them a voice to shape the future of alternative education.

In the last five years, the number of UK home school students has doubled. In 2018, the number of home school students was estimated to be 70, 000. This trend is underpinned by the demands of a changing workplace and widespread realisation that  learning goes beyond the national curriculum. School is about more than teaching to test! 

What we do
What we do

Parent handbook

Peer support

A 'how to' guide for new home school families, written by teachers

Regular updates on the latest policy changes and a chance to make your voice heard

Opportunities to meet other home school families and share best practice 

Quarterly newsletter

Networking Group
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Reasons to home school
Reasons to home school 

Learn at your own pace

Go beyond the curriculum

Be creative

Real-world learning

Follow your interests

Flexibility to travel

Balance learning and extracurricular activities

Mental wellbeing 

Push the boundaries

Our Newsletter

Home schooling means that I don't have to compromise - I can balance my A levels with GB ski training. 

Henry, Year 13, is a GB junior skier


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